6 Ways We Put Patients First at Our Kansas and Oklahoma Pharmacy Locations

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December 5, 2023

Here at Creative Health Pharmacy, we make it our mission to put our patients first. This commitment extends to our pharmacy services, consultation programs, and lots more to deliver a top-notch patient experience. Here are some of the ways that we put our patients first here at our Kansas and Oklahoma pharmacy locations:

1. Pharmacy Services That Go Above and Beyond

Our pharmacy services are set up to make it as convenient as possible to get all of your medications, as well as provide specialized treatments when necessary. In addition to providing standard over-the-counter medications and treatments, we also offer custom compounding services as well. These custom compounding services allow us to create specific medications just for you in order to address your health needs. Whether you need a medication prepared without a certain ingredient, in a certain dosage form, or something else, our pharmacists will work with you to find the right solutions.

2. Our Medication Synchronization Program

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Are you tired of having to make lots of trips to the pharmacy each month just to get your medications? You don’t need to worry about that when you visit our Kansas and Oklahoma pharmacy locations, because as part of our commitment to putting patients first, we offer a medication synchronization program that will allow you to pick up all of your medications on a single day each month, or even once every 90 days in some cases! Forget about making lots of trips to the pharmacy, just make it one and done when you visit Creative Health Pharmacy.

3. Patient Health Consultations

Another way we put patients first here at our Kansas and Oklahoma pharmacy locations is through our patient health consultations that we offer. Tackling your health goals can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you partner with our pharmacists to figure out the best solutions to your health challenges. Scheduling a consultation with our team takes under a minute and can help you to live your healthiest life!

4. Two Locations for Your Convenience

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In order to make it as convenient as possible to visit our pharmacy, we have two locations available for our patients. Visit our location in Dewey, Oklahoma or in Caney, Kansas - either way you will enjoy the same high standards of patient care and expert pharmacy services.

5. Dedicated Team of Pharmacists

Another of the ways we put our patients first at our Kansas and Oklahoma pharmacy locations is through the expert care we provide every day through our dedicated team of pharmacists. Our staff is always happy to help answer your questions, figure out treatments for your health challenges, and more. If you ever have concerns that you want to address with our team, simply reach out to our pharmacists today and get started on finding solutions!

6. Our Supplement Line

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Yet another of the ways we put our patients first is by offering a line of helpful supplements that can be used to accomplish a variety of health goals. Whether you are looking to make sure you are getting enough of certain key nutrients or achieve other health goals, our supplements can be a great choice for your health.

With so many ways that we put our patients first, it is no wonder that so many members of our local community choose to rely on our Kansas and Oklahoma pharmacy locations for their health needs. If you want to learn even more about our pharmacy, check out some of the services we provide today and get ready to experience the difference that a dedicated pharmacy team can make!

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